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SochPad - Set of 4

Rs. 1,080.00
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Rs. 1,080.00
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Cloth pads are a reusable alternative to disposable sanitary napkins. They are made from combed cotton and polyester, which can be used for daily discharge, menstrual protection, incontinence, and postpartum bleeding. It has a leak proof layer and comes with snap on buttons on the side so that it can be fixed on any underwear for added protection. The new design - narrow in the centre and wide in the ends - offers a great fit and eliminates side leaks.
Designed with user comfort in mind, SochPad is available in 2 varieties as SochPad and SochPad Quick Dry. The difference lies in their top fabric layer. SochPad has a cotton top whereas SochPad Quick Dry has a top layer made from 50% combed cotton and 50% polyester. The polyester mix ensures that the SochPad dries very quickly and gives a dry feeling as compared to the SochPad. Both these varieties have regular and petite sizes available. Width of regular pads is 8cm and width of petite pads is 7cm.

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