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Why SochUnderwear ?

Why SochUnderwear ?

  1. For the Comfort

    SochUnderwear is made from soft, combed cotton and polyester, making it very comfortable for regular use. SochUnderwear has been designed with user comfort in mind, having incorporated valuable feedback from its trusted women users. Switch to Soch, switch to comfort!

  2. For the Fit

    The unique design of SochUnderwear ensures that you get a great fit and don’t have to worry about the pads moving around as you go about your day. A good fit adds to the comfort and usability of SochUnderwear.

  3. For its design

    Our new design for SochUnderwear comes without the loops, and the inserts now have wings so that you can fix them on the underwear. Once the insert is soiled, you can simply change the insert as the new design ensures that the loop doesn’t get spoiled.

  4. For the Environment

    We, at Soch, are invested in providing eco-friendly and functionally better alternatives to existing disposable products. Using SochUnderwear saves thousands of disposable products from going to the landfill.

  5. For its Cost-effectiveness

    SochUnderwear is light on your pocket. Apart from keeping you comfortable and making sure that you are doing your bit for the environment, SochUnderwear is competitively priced and will save you from having to repeat-purchase disposables every single month. A set of 3-5 underwear, along with 6-8 inserts can last you 3-5 years!

  6. For its Versatility

    SochUnderwear can be used for a variety of purposes; from daily discharge and menstrual bleeding to urinary incontinence and postpartum bleeding, SochUnderwear has you covered for all your needs. Its versatility is its biggest USP!