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Why SochLabiaPad ?

Why SochLabiaPad ?

  1. For its Unique Design

    SochLabiaPad offers a uniquely designed labia pad. Be pleasantly surprised by the leaf-shaped labia pad that directs fluid to the centre of the SochUnderwear/SochPads. It's small and discrete and easy to use.

  2. For its Performance

    It may be small, but it won't disappoint you! Simply use the SochLabiaPad along with our other products and you'll surprised how much fluid the tiny pad can hold. You can extend the hours of use of our other products by just using the SochLabiaPad.

  3. For its Versatility

    The SochLabiaPad can be used for a variety of reasons: from daily discharge to additional protection for menstrual flow. It's tiny, but packs a punch!

  4. For the Environment

    If using pantyliners every day is your thing, you can use the SochLabiaPads as they are reusable and do not create any disposable waste.