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Wash and Care Instructions

Wash and Care Instructions


the used panty + insert in a mug of cold water for 30 minutes.


by hand with mild soap and water. Do not use brush.


the washed panty + insert in sunlight/low tumble dry. Hang straight.


  • You can wear the same underwear all day,while changing the inserts as the get full.
  • Change insert once every 4-6 hours even on light flow days to maintain hygiene.
  • Use mind soap to clean the underwear/inserts; rinse thoroughtly to make sure no soap remains.
  • Dry it in direct sunlight when possible,or dry in your machin on low heat.
  • If you wish to iron, use low setting.


  • Inserts to not a have leak proofe layer. If you do not replace them once full, they will being to leak thought and the underwear will being to absorb.
  • Do not soak/wash the underwear and and inserts in hot water if the have blood in them, as it will set the stains.
  • Do not use or store a wet/damp underwear and inserts.
  • Do not dryclean.

For machine wash:

  •  remove all blood by squeezing/soaking in cold water.
  •  place the panty and insert in a cotton bag before putting in the machine
  •  wash in a short cycle, at or bellow 30oC
  •  tumble dry (at low setting) or hang in sunlight
  •  Do not use bleach or fabric softners

*Wash your panty and insert before first use.

**Each panty and insert can be washed and reused several time like any other underwear