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The underwear are awesome, they look and feel just like a normal pair of underwear. I have tried a different brand and after a couple of uses they had a terrible smell to them even when not being used for periods. Even though I use these mainly for bladder problems they are excellent for days during my period as well. I was very impressed with the packing and time it took to get to Australia as well. I only wish you made them in different colours as well as the purple and pink. I would really like a white pair and / or a nude coloured pair, also plain black would be great too.



This is a great products, feels very soft and comfortable. no more rashes from sanitary pads. absorbency is very good :) highly recommend it.



The Soch Menstruationunderwear feel super comfortable with the very soft fabric and sit very well. To dry, they need a bit longer with the relatively thick protective part. The fabric absorbs very well and a lot and therefore offers protection even with strong mens for several hours. Also thanks to the relatively wide step. The protective layer (absorbent core and waterproof layer) goes up front and behind relatively narrow up to the edge and also offers good protection when lying down (stomach, back). It is probably easier to sweat in summer. The bright colors are fun and have the advantage of seeing how much blood you've lost (as opposed to black underwear). The matching cloth bandage is very large (long and wide) and ideal for the night.



The panty is as soft as butter and gives a motherly touch and secured feeling even on your heavy flow. The combed cotton coverage on the front and back ensures no leakage and at the same time the panty is well ventilated. Perfect product to handle periods & can be used as a back-up for cups or while you are expecting periods. Most recommended for school going girls.



Period panty is very comfortable....material is soft


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