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When I first got one of the pads with the leak proof backing I tested it with a cup full of water and I was super surprised with how much liquid it could hold and without leaking at all. They feel just like underwear on the skin and they don't smell. The various sizes are great as it means that everyone gets something that fits them just right. I am so glad to help the environment by using these super comfortable Soch cloth pads instead. I also like how you can put them in the dryer on low heat if you really need to. Thank you for making my life and Mother Earth's life so much better.



Cloth pads - The first reusable menstrual product I used. I was very excited to use and also the fact that these created no garbage added to my excitement. The fact that it is similar in design to a regular sanitary napkin made it easy to use.


Neha budhiraja

I am a very heavy bleeder and had to change my disposable pads every 2 hours. I always use to end up with rashes during periods before I discovered soch cloth pads. They have changed the way I look at periods now. These are super soft and comfortable, highly absorbent, as good as any disposable pad I have used. I sometimes use to face leakage from the sides due to heavy gushy flow - and I found a great solution to this problem in the inter-labia pads. They are tiny but a great help during heavy flow with clots. As they absorb the clots right at the opening, pads do not get soiled for a long time and I have much less washing to do. I will highly recommend this to all heavy bleeders.
The new shape of soch pads is also great as they don't leak from the sides and feel even more comfortable to wear.



After years of horrible experience with disposable pads, I wasn’t very open to the idea of any version of it. However, there were days when I didn’t want to use a menstrual cup and realized I could actually use SOCH cloth pads. They work like a charm though it may take some while to get adjusted to them. I love the variety of sizes available. It’s such a great option for young girls.


Divya Jain

Soch Cloth pads are so comfortable,economical,reuseable and the best part environment friendly.So Happy to use them.


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