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Snehal Alwyn Pereira

I took around 4 months to make myself mentally ready to use Menstruation cup. Then I thought i will order and use it while I have periods when am not travelling. Luckily both cup and period came when I was on vacation and bingo, this was the right time. I initially used it with pad, just in case there is any leakage. For me inserting and removing cup was not a problem as I followed all instructions. Now I feel so clean and no odour feeling whenever I have my periods. It’s such a great blessing. Thank you Soch.


Priyanka Ahuja

I am a very happy customer of the soch cup. A great product!! Being a first time user I was initially hesitant but Priyanka removed any doubts I had. The videos are a great help. I would totally recommended it to everyone.


Divya Jain

Soch cups have made me free from rashes and itchiness during periods.Wish I had use them much before.They are comfortable and reuseable.No more afraid of the periods now...love the feeling of being free.



Its a blessing! Perfect for those super heavy days! Solved a lifelong anticipated stress! Priyanka and her team has always been there to guide beginner's and even post that! Dont think twice! Freedom assured!



Just loved the cup. It's the perfect fit. Neither too hard nor too soft. Beautiful packing. I wonder why I wasn't I aware about the cups earlier. It's a beautiful experience with cups so convenient doesn't feel like wearing it. All my issues are sorted ever since I started up with cups. Got free from rashes, wetness and itchy feeling that I have been facing with the pads even though I was using the best brand. Thank you soch & Thank you Priyanka for guiding right.


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