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Quality Commitment

Quality Commitment

SochCup (By Si-Bell) is manufactured by STERNE.

Since 1996, the company STERNE is specialised in the design, developement and manufacturing of articles and sets made from silicone, meeting market needs from medital till transportation. Thus, medical devices manufacturing is a core business of STERNE. The comapny has settled a quality management system according to ISO 9001 & ISO 13485, with protected production environments (4 clean rooms ISO 6, ISO 7 et ISO 8).

SochCup is made in France in compliance with quality requierements according to ISO 9001, and with a medical grade silicone, USP class VI and ISO 10993. A silicone used in medical devices manufacturing, and perfectly biocompatible.Otherwise, silicone properties are such that by nature it does not promote the development of bacteria, thus an ideal raw material for intimate use!

In India, SochCup Menstrual Cup is SAFETY VERIFIED BY SMRF, kindly visit this link for further details.