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  • Important Announcement: From Soch to SochGreen

    Dear readers and supporters, we have an important announcement to make. We designed and manufactured our first products in October of 2016, our products went by the brand name Soch. The word ‘Soch’ (सोच) refers to the verb ‘think’ or the noun ‘thought’.  2017 was a wonderful year for us as we gained a lot of followers who loved our product offerings. Thus,...
  • The PERIOD EMOJI Is Here!

    The PERIOD EMOJI Is Here!

    In the world of reproductive health, last month’s news highlight was Plan International’s announcement: the period emoji will be made available across mobile devices by March 2019! Organizations and people working in the field of menstrual health hailed it as a victory for women almost as if to say, One small step for woman, one big step for womankind. Let’s take a look...
  • Women’s Day 2019: Balance for Better

    Women’s Day 2019: Balance for Better

    In the last decade or so, International Women’s Day has received a lot of attention from corporates and businesses the world over. What the Socialist party in America started in New York of the early 1900s has carried through even after a century. The United Nations coopted the celebration of women’s day in 1975. And from the year 1996, it assigned a theme...
  • SochCup: Quick FAQs

    SochCup: Quick FAQs

    What is SochCup? SochCup is a reusable menstrual cup that can be used to collect period blood. It offers comfortable, sustainable, and new-age sanitary protection. It comes with a bell-shaped silicone body, with an open rim on one end and a stem on the other end. What are SochCup sizes and colours? SochCup comes in two sizes – small and large. It also...
  • How do I Choose My SochGreen Period Product?

    How do I Choose My SochGreen Period Product?

    SochGreen is an Indian brand, and we focus on making reusable period products for women. We offer an array of period products, and every woman can find one or the other product that fits their needs. How Should You Choose Your SochGreen Period Product? SochCup SochCup is a reusable menstrual cup made of medical grade silicone that comes in two different sizes: Small...
  • What Are SochLabiaPads?

    What Are SochLabiaPads?

    When was the first time you heard about labia pads? What?! Pads for the… errr… labia?! Yes, that was our first reaction to ‘labia pads’ too until SochGreen released the SochLabiaPads. Are labia pads exactly what they sound to be? Yes. They are exactly what they sound to be. So, what are they?                      ...