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A Love Poem to SochCup

Posted on by Bold Commerce Collaborator 0 comments

Our SochCup has been a popular choice among teens as well as older women and mothers. And guess what? We recently received a loving little poem by Preeti of Deragalo Handmade on Instagram. Here's the poem!

Love Poem to SochCup

I was 12 When my life went upside down as if every nerve of my body has changed. I was completely transformed from a Tomboy to a sober girl. 👧
I was bleeding & had no clue why was I.
My mom was not in town & I had nobody I could tell what I am facing, Why I am bleeding.
I couldn’t move, I couldn’t talk as if a part of me was completely gone. 🔴
I bled heavily those days, From staining my uniform & teased by my mates .. I somehow managed to sustain. 🏫
I survived 2 decades Using cotton & pads ... But after using SochCup I can only say:- ❤️Let me bleed because it feels so good, After wearing the SochCup, it doesn’t feel blue.
I feel a lot confident as the SochCup doesn’t move. 🏆
I embrace the beauty of period, As the soch cup helps to keep the environment clean. ♻️
The SochCup costs nothing compared to the stack of pads we buy every month. 💰
Let me bleed because it feels so good ❤️


Thank you, Preeti, for such a heartfelt poem! We wish you a very happy period with your SochCup!


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